What is Information Technology (IT)?

Information technology (IT) refers to anything and everything for which businesses use computers and technology. IT includes building communication networks for a company, safeguarding data and information, creating and administering databases, helping employees troubleshoot problems with devices, or doing a range of other work to ensure the efficiency and security of business information systems.
Our IT Security Specialists can help you with:
  • Installing new security software
  • Monitoring IT networks for security breaches and violations
  • Conducting penetration testing to detect vulnerabilities in the information systems
  • Preparing reports on security breaches
  • Recommending security changes to the CEO, CIO, or other executives
  • Developing IT security standards, policies, procedures, protocols
  • Teaching staff about cyber security procedures

The Intelligence Group has over 40 years of Information Technology experience. Just a few examples of IT solutions created for our clients include:

An industry pioneer, we designed and developed the first and only worldwide response center for private EPIRB devices. Our team created a specialized communications hub, designed and implemented policies and procedures for day to day operations, developed a database used to find the nearest public safety point ensuring efficient response, and maintained the system on an ongoing basis to monitor for security concerns. 

The Intelligence Group has designed and installed copper, fiber, and satellite networks to keep operations connected in all parts of the world. We have deployed BGAN units in the field for doctors to share information from the remote jungles of Africa, back to radiologists and doctors in the USA, helping bring modern medicine to indigenous people in need.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we assisted our medical partners in finding solutions to protect their employees from exposure. Additionally, we helped our clients locate PPE from our worldwide network of manufacturers and distributors. As a secondary layer of protection ,we deployed thermal cameras to detect potentially infected persons entering their facilities. These cameras would inform management when someone tried to enter a facility with a fever. Combining this with access control it would prevent the infected individuals from entering, ensuring the health and safety of employees within.

The Intelligence Group designed and built custom pay phones around a cellular modem, allowing state-owned cellular providers in South America to offer phone service in remote locations.

With our extensive contacts in Latin America, we designed electric meters that could report usage without the need of someone physically driving to read the meter, long before the deployment of smart meters in the modern world. 

The Intelligence Group designed and installed a network of over 1000 security cameras for the 2014 G77 summit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This international event was the largest of its kind ever held in Bolivia. Utilizing a city-wide fiber network to transport video feeds to a central command and control center equipped with a video wall to monitor security of high-ranking international government officials, this system remains in use today as a crime prevention and monitoring tool. 

No matter how complex the IT needs of our clients, The Intelligence Group can transform complexity into convenience!