What Is Corporate Intelligence and Who Needs It?

The Intelligence Group specializes in protecting and reassuring rapidly growing international companies, even in parts of the world that might feel increasingly familiar, by providing independent research and risk analysis. Some foreign firms that have established a strong foothold in China have leaned heavily on intelligence partners for the confidence needed to move quickly and boldly into the world’s most exciting and fiercely competitive markets. Research cultivates information that ranges from the most basic, know-your-customer ‘red flag’ compliance reports, to far more detailed ‘enhanced integrity due diligence’ products, high-end strategic consulting for corporate businesses and law firms, and ultimately, crisis and investigation support in the event that unexpected situations become reality.

The Intelligence Group's conducts background investigations on entities and individuals related to prospective business transactions, third-party relationships, investments, internal investigations, and business disputes. Leveraging open source and proprietary databases, our investigators work closely with global clients to help identify and minimize risk and make critical decisions with confidence. Clients turn to us for our in-depth experience and highly specialized skills in the areas of due diligence and investigation, as well as use of advanced technology to help them gain deeper insight and navigate successful outcomes.

How we can help

Our highly trained investigators and intelligence specialists have extensive experience in due diligence, litigation support, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), fraud, bribery, and other investigations. Our ability to leverage the The Intelligence Group's network allows us to quickly and effectively gather background information and business intelligence virtually anywhere in the world in a cost-effective manner, including those jurisdictions where public records are limited, compromised or non existent.

Our services

  • Investigative Due Diligence. The Intelligence Group's investigative due diligence services are provided by specialists and highly trained investigators in multiple countries across the globe who are fluent in the local languages and have extensive commercial and public sector experience. Focusing on industry leading practices, we assist multi-national companies with identifying potential corruption risks, conducting third party and pre-mergers and acquisitions due diligence, conducting research in internal and FCPA investigations, and assessing due diligence programs, among other services.
  • Uncovering Fraud, Tracing Assets, and Providing Litigation Support. If fraud is suspected, we help our clients get ahead of the issues, performing background investigations of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searching for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations. We can also research whether parties are living beyond their means at the expense of our clients. Through our investigative means, we also provide support in tracking ownership of assets to fictitious companies and their facilitators. As part of our litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating opposing parties and their experts, helping uncover facts relevant to claims and defenses, and identifying and locating witnesses. Exposing key evidence through these practices, positions our clients to transform unpredictable events into opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage.
  • Assisting Clients Develop, Assess, and Improve Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs. We routinely work with geographically diverse clients across varying industries in evaluating the efficacy of their compliance policies and procedures. Our studies will identify potential gaps in policy which could lead to regulatory or legal risk or reputational damage. Utilizing our network of subject matter specialists with industry knowledge and regional experiences, we work shoulder to shoulder with clients using a proactive approach to develop or enhance their anti-corruption compliance procedures.
  • Social Media Analytics. Utilization of ever-evolving social media platforms has significantly increased in recent years, leaving many businesses and industries vulnerable to criminals and the advantageous who use apps as a cover for their schemes. The Intelligence Group continues to invest in robust and cutting edge social media research and analytical tools to supplement more traditional public records searches. Using a variety of innovative resources, Our social media analytics allows us to algorithmically identify and analyze connections between targets and their facilitators such as middlemen, associates, and proxies. Revealing these lucrative relationships that may be buried deep within the structure of social media apps, in addition to public commentary posted on a variety of both mainstream and regional social media platforms, allows our clients insight to help piece together a puzzle of deception.