Whether it is tracking a person, vehicle, or cargo container, The Intelligence Group has a solution to assist any client. By utilizing cellular and/or satellite tracking devices, we can pin point the location of persons or valuables within a 12" square. 


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Our customized solutions meet a range of needs from pet tracking to sophisticated global enterprise solutions.

The Intelligence Group's mobility solutions are vast. They include: tracing cargo transportation, protecting expensive equipment against theft, monitoring lone workers, tracking a high value person, and much more. These solutions assist our customers in remotely monitoring coveted assets, whether they’re people or objects. These devices offer remote asset monitoring which improves efficiency, minimizes downtime, reduces maintenance costs, protects against financial risk, and ultimately, improves service capabilities.

By utilizing cellular providers that work on all providers, not just limited it to one, we can track your assets anywhere in the world. For example, in the USA, our cellular trackers utilize AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Rogers networks. This gives coverage that no other tracking agency can offer. If clients require remote tracking capabilites, we also offer satellite devices that use one of three major satellite companies like Iridium, Globalstar, and Thuraya, which offer pole to pole coverage.

The Intelligence Group offers devices equipped with proprietary technology that combines both cellular and satellite capabilities. Our team initially designed these devices for a well known televangilist's mission operations in Nigeria. Even when located deep in the Nigerian jungle, we were able to track life-saving water well drilling equipment. Further, transport vehicles were being stolen and key personnel robbed at gun point by groups associated with local organized crime. Our team, once again, was called upon to develop an 'out of the box' solution.  The Intelligence Group created a device that allowed thieves to drive a commandered vehicle 10-15 minutes away from the location where it was hijacked, at which point the fuel pump would shut down, rendering the vehicle immobile. Perpetrators would abandon the vehicle and but yet be too far away to return and retaliate against key personnel. The Intelligence Group utilized a cellular nework in this device for updates and reconfigurations.

Our customers often have IoT Tracking requirements that are entirely unique to their business. For these customers, we play the role of a strategic advisor to develop an original IoT project proposal unique to their needs. More than just providing personalized and reliable solutions, we consider our customized solutions as strategic collaborations to far extend the potential of our customers’ business operations. With an analytical mindset, our customized solutions are designed to achieve a balance between business and technology priorities. From development to scalable product manufacturing, our R&D and supply chain resources turn ideas into real cost-effective solutions.