The Intelligence Group offers personal security and premium executive protection, but also solutions for protecting high-net worth individuals and their families from any type of threat, invasion of privacy, random crime and/or any negative publicity.

A customized security program will begin with a thorough risk and vulnerability assessment of residence(s), corporate office(s), lifestyle and routines. This allows The Intelligence Group to identity, prioritize, and address your most potential sources of risk.

Estate Security

Protecting residence(s), family and personal property are often at the center of a personal security engagement. The Intelligence Group offers 24/7/365 executive protection coverage and response. Services can be custom tailored to include some or all of armed and unarmed agents, access control, barrier, alarms and also electronic security systems.

We also provide appropriate executive protection policies and procedures, as well as security awareness training and collaboration with family, staff, and visitors.

Security For Your Lifestyle

When you travel, your protection begins with thorough intelligence and advance work, including agents visiting all points of your itinerary prior to your arrival. They assess threats, gather protective intelligence and then create a custom security plan. This may include primary and secondary routes, nearest trauma hospitals, safe rooms, front and back entrances. 

Privacy Protection

Top-tier executive protection goes beyond protecting your physical safety and also includes protecting your privacy from those who who might pose a threat to your reputation including but not limited to identity theft, revealing information online and more. The Intelligence Group employs a vast array of resources and procedures, including utilizing unbreakable email encryption for your sensitive electronic communications.

As a high net worth individual, you obviously face higher levels of risk than the average citizen. At The Intelligence Group, we provide comprehensive security services to deliver peace of mind so you can enjoy your life and family.