What is Cyber Security, and why is Cyber Security so important?

Whenever a company, group, or organization communicates online, by email or similar, and stores and transfers data and information, it must ensure the integrity of its IT infrastructure. The scale of a cyber attack and ransomware is increasingly devastating and the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack grows daily. What dangers emanate from cyber attacks? What aspects does IT Security cover that protect against the growing threat of cyber crime? The Intelligence Group provides information on the methods and tactics of hackers and the responsibilities of corporate management:

We work with worldwide businesses to ensure IT systems remain secure and protected from threats. Our approach is collaborative and aligns business outcomes with controlling risks and keeping data secure.

Managed Cyber Security Services

We have your business covered with our managed security services that will continually identify and repair security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. Our cyber security experts will help strengthen IT security posture with enhanced system security, 24/7 monitoring, real-time threat protection, and security awareness training on an ongoing basis.

Cyber Security Services

How susceptible are your IT systems to cyber attacks and ransomware? The Intelligence Group can put your systems through a myriad of simulated attacks to expose vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Incident Response Services

Has your system been compromised? The Intelligence Group can provide an immediate response identifying and removing the threat while restoring critical systems. Once we have terminated the attack, our team can provide a comprehensive report and create a plan to help prevent future attacks.