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Private Investigation


A large percentage of The Intelligence Group's invesigations are requests for spousal surveillance for reasons like Marital Infidelity, Child Custody, Child Support, Hidden Assets and more. Our Investigators specialize in covert surveillance, we provide video and still photos along with professional reports.

We use state of the art video equipment during our surveillance to obtain the evidence needed to solve your case. Our Investigators know the streets like the back of their hands. As Texas Investigators we take a great amount of pride in our ability to remain undetected by our Subject’s while we are conducting surveillance. We perform surveillance anywhere in the world, with both male and female Investigators.

We have seen an increase in requests for surveillance from overseas. Husbands and wives checking on their spouses while they are working in the United States are more commonplace now than ever and surveillance is the answer.

If you would like a free confidential consultation please feel free to contact our Investigators at 936-228-4120.