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Infrastructure Protection

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Physical and Cyber Infrastructure are now inexorably linked and integrated providing greater opportunity for business with greater security risk. To provide intelligence to protect your critical infrastructure, key resources, and people, Cyber security systems exploit these links as well as data from human intel, satellite tracking, image capture and communications monitoring. Preparation, early detection and identification of threats or vulnerabilities are the key to loss prevention. Our service includes asset tracking and response services, 24x7 Emergency Response Coordination Center, travel safety reports, security monitoring, VIP protection, plant and equipment, vehicle, aviation and marine security.

Infrastructure protection includes communicating threats, stopping breaches, as well as executing crisis management plans and alerting first responders with the resources to prevent damage from insiders as well as natural, accidental, and man-made disasters. Insider sabotage is still the largest preventable source of infrastructure loss and injury causing financial losses, fatalities, negative business impacts and damaged reputations.