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Barrier Systems

Why are NBI barrier systems the most proven, tested, and reliable vehicle-access-control barrier systems in the world?

Return your investment with years of trouble-free, highly functional, lifetime value NBI barrier operating systems. NBI barrier systems meet the challenging mandates of today and tomorrow’s maximum-perimeter-vehicle-access-control security needs.

NBI Product Selection is as easy as 1, 2, 3……


  1. What vehicle size and impact speed has been assessed and/or facility perimeter-access design/required to STOP?
  2. Does the vehicle-access roadway require no obstructions and/or curbside allow for recessing of housing units.
  3. Is property excavation a concern? Select NBI Shallow Mount, Mobile, and/or bolt down barrier anchoring solution, requiring minimal to no excavation.


Seek to reduce cost of manned posts and/or vehicle rental for entry/exit obstruction?
NBI barrier systems allows your security team to maintain multiple access points from one central or multiple remote locations, increasing perimeter-security productivity and access-control safety. NBI barrier systems limit encroaching vehicles to a predetermined, acceptable distance while stopping, any attempted vehicle penetration.

NBI web site has been designed to assist you in the selection and application of the best vehicle-access-control barrier systems for the design criteria. If additional details are required, we can furnish them upon receipt of your request.

Unable to locate the barrier product for your security upgrade needs? Even though our barrier systems follow standard designs, NBI possesses in-house capability of offering custom application and suggestions to complete your project.

NBI is confident that our barrier systems are the absolute finest in the world and we manufacture them to withstand the most rigorous conditions, and to stop the most lethal of vehicular-missiles. NBI builds its equipment to exceptionally high standards and refuses to compromise quality. NBI will provide its clientele no less than the best barrier system available for your project. Please click here to see a video demonstration.

*Some NBI products are not displayed. Please inquire with The Intelligence Group for additional standard perimeter-security products.