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Asset Tracking

Recognizing that your organization must manage assets beyond the company fleet, The Intelligence Group offers a suite of other tracking tools and capabilities. Each delivers powerful benefits in its own right, but they become even more beneficial when integrated together as part of a true enterprise platform.

The Intelligence Group’s asset management solutions include:

Trailer Tracking. A GPS receiver, satellite transmitter, internal long-life battery, and antennas are packaged in a rugged enclosure. Together, these components empower you to monitor real-time trailer location — so you can maintain real-time control. We even offer a temperature-monitoring capability for refrigerated trailers. Our patent-pending products rely on data compression algorithms, which allow for single-packet transmission of location, speed, direction of travel, and other data. Using a standard web browser, you can view current and historical status and alarm data — and, ultimately, minimize the costs associated with lost, stolen, or abandoned trailers.

Heavy Equipment Tracking. When heavy equipment is lost, stolen, or missing, it can lead to significant losses for your business including lost productivity and customer satisfaction that results when employees can’t perform as planned. Supporting real-time control and historical viewing of status and alarm data, our heavy equipment tracking system puts you back in control of assets located in the field. You can view your data through any standard web browser — so you can keep up with assets whether you’re in the office, on the road, and even on vacation.

Anti-Theft Units. Offering two basic functions — locating a vehicle and disabling its starter — our unit is perfect as part of anti-theft systems and for sub-prime lenders who need to locate vehicles when consumers default on their car payments. The unit also offers other features, such as geo-fencing (which triggers an automated alert when a vehicle exits an approved driving area) and speeding notifications.

All-Purpose and Personal Locators. The Intelligence Group offers a completely self-contained GPS tracking device that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When placed with vehicles, packages, or people, it provides a whole new level of security and peace of mind. And when you link in to the global text-messaging network, it even provides real-time tracking capabilities.