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DeLorme InReach

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inReach for Smart Phones

inreach android front 200Stay connected even in cell phone dead zones Use the inReach satellite communicator by itself and stay connected with pre-loaded text messages, delivery confirmation, SOS, and remote tracking. Or, pair inReach with an Android phone for exclusive two-way satellite messaging.

Affordable inReach subscriptions start at $9.95/mo.

Only 10% of the planet has cell phone coverage, so whether you're working halfway around the world or just hiking the next county over, you can easily find yourself "off the grid"......with no way to reach family, colleagues, or emergency assistance.

That's why there's inReach. This unique 2-way satellite communicator delivers global coverage and communication features
that cell phones and one-way satellite messengers can't touch.

Exclusive inReach features

  • Two-way satellite messaging
  • Interactive SOS
  • Message delivery confirmation
  • Pole-to-pole global coverage
  • inReach users can communicate directly with one other to share information and locations
  • You can also post messages to Facebook and Twitter and enable remote tracking so others can follow your travel online.


Use inReach by itself

The highly versatile inReach does not require any companion hardware. By itself, it can send preloaded
text messages and SOS alerts (with delivery confirmation) and enable remote tracking, all
via pushbutton.

  • Two-way messaging
  • Remote Tracking
  • Interactive SOS

Pair inReach with an Android smartphone

Easy Bluetooth connection enables exclusive two-way satellite messaging and interactive SOS.

  • Two-way messaging
    Send and receive messages up to 160 characters to and from email contacts, cell phones, and the emergency response center.
  • Interactive SOS
    When paired with an Android phone, inReach lets you send descriptive text messages so responders come properly prepared. You can also maintain a dialog with the response center, exchanging updates as the situation dictates.
  • Message delivery confirmation
    You'll never have to wonder if your message was received. The inReach will confirm delivery of any text or SOS message, whether it's in standalone or paired mode.
  • Remote tracking
    Designate anyone you choose to follow your travels online. Your latest position and "breadcrumb" trail are displayed.

Free Android application, free map downloads

The DeLorme Earthmate application for Android users is available for free online through the Android Marketplace
Enables inReach Android communication features
Lets users download DeLorme Topo North America maps at no charge
» Superior terrain, back road, and trail detail, plus places of interest
» Maps are downloaded to the phone so they're available even when there's no cell phone
In conjunction with the DeLorme maps, the Android's native GPS will display user location

Using inReach As a standalone device, inReach is a multi-purpose GPS communicator

No companion Android phone required
Pushbutton interface enables:

  • Sending pre-loaded text messages with delivery confirmation
  • Remote tracking
  • Triggering SOS alerts

Even if you plan to use inReach with an Android phone, it can still keep you connected if your Android is lost, damaged, or loses battery power

Pair the inReach with an Android smartphone (sold separately)
Easy Bluetooth wireless connection
Send and receive messages via internal keyboard and message screen
Navigate with confidence, with detailed DeLorme Topo North America maps (available via free download for inReach users with an Android phone)
» Full U.S. and Canada coverage
» Superior terrain, back road, and U.S. trail detail, plus places of interest
Exclusive two-way text messaging (when inReach is paired with an Android phone)
Send and receive text messages
» Up to 160 characters
» To and from email contacts and cell phones
» With your GPS position embedded in all sent messages
» Message recipients are not restricted to inReach address book contacts
Communicate directly with other inReach users to share information and locations
You can also post messages to Facebook and Twitter
Exclusive message delivery confirmation
If using inReach as a standalone device, or if you opt to send a pre-loaded text message:
» Light sequences on the inReach pushbutton interface will confirm delivery
If sending a message using the Android keyboard
» Confirmation will appear via animated graphic on the Android's interface screen
Interactive SOS
When paired with an Android, send messages describing your emergency so responders can prepare accordingly
In standalone mode, trigger an SOS alert via pushbutton
In either case, you'll receive a response from the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center
Let others track your progress online for mutual peace of mind
The inReach is equipped with a high-sensitivity GPS chipset, with accuracy to within 5 meters
Your track is displayed on DeLorme Topo North America maps, viewable online
You choose the tracking intervals - as close together as 10 minutes or far apart as 4 hours
inReach will report speed, heading, and elevation with each track point or message that it transmits
Remote tracking can be enabled either in standalone mode or when the inReach is paired with an Android phone
Worldwide satellite coverage
The inReach relies on the Iridium satellite network. Iridium's whole earth coverage far surpass that of other satellite
systems allowing two-way messaging, delivery confirmation, and pole-to-pole global connection.
The right communication solution for work and play off the cell phone grid

The DeLorme inReach is a ruggedized, waterproof communication lifeline for outdoors enthusiasts, expeditioners, or anyone working in remote locations.
It's extremely well-suited for military applications and NGOs working in foreign lands, or involved in disaster relief, and it's also ideal for on- and off-road vehicle travel, and small plane and glider aviation.

On the job

  • At remote work sites
    • Send mission-critical information to headquarters
    • Receive instructions
    • Enable remote tracking so management can tell where you are or where you're headed
  • For journalists
    • Stay connected with editors
    • Engage with your readers or audience when there's no other way to communicate
    • Send breaking news or updates via Twitter

For outdoor recreation

  • Send updates to family and friends ("Running late, all's well")
  • Report your accomplishments in real time ("At the summit!")
  • Share information with other inReach users in your party or around the world
  • Get emergency assistance
  • Ideal for all your favorite activities
    • Hiking and backpacking
    • Boating and sailing, on inland waters or offshore
    • Mountain biking
    • Climbing
    • Whitewater kayaking or rafting
    • Hunting and fishing
    • For expeditions
  • Update your followers
  • Stay in touch with your support team for weather updates, re-supplies, and course changes
  • Communicate with rendezvous teams
  • Get help in emergencies

For on- and off-road vehicle travel in remote locations

  • Get help in case of breakdowns
  • Enjoy peace of mind traveling through sparsely- populated regions
  • Stay connected when 4-wheeling and exploring with ATVs

For small plane and glider aviation

  • Enable remote tracking showing with altitude, speed and course
  • Stay connected from anywhere
  • Request help in case of emergencies


Emergency Assistance with Interactive SOS
All SOS messages automatically trigger remote tracking

Text message SOS alerts

  • Describe your emergency so rescuers can come properly prepared
  • Receive text confirmation from response center that your message has been received and rescuers have been notified

Pushbutton SOS alerts
» Message confirmation indicates dispatcher has received your alert and notified rescuers
» You can send a follow-up pushbutton alert to indicate you're conscious
» Button lock prevents false alarms
› Complies with RTCM SC-128 for SENDS
› Supports one-handed gloved operation
Cancelling SOS alerts
» Intended SOS messages can easily be cancelled if warranted
» Cancellation can be implemented either by pushbutton on the inReach or using the inReach interface on your

Android smartphone
Subscription Plans
inReach Subscription Plans
DeLorme inReach communications features are activated by subscription. We offer three different subscription levels,
detailed below.

Monthly Billing Plans Safety Recreation Expedition
SOS Yes Yes Yes
Text Messages 10 40 120
Tracking Points Not Included Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Fee $9.95 $24.95 $49.95
Text Messages $1.50 $0.50 $0.25
Tracking Points (each) $0.25 N/A N/A





Note: One-year subscription commitments required for all plans with monthly billing available. There is a one-time $11.95 subscription activation fee. The subscription plan is exclusively for U.S. based activations by individual consumers. Overages are charged for any text messages or tracking points that exceed what the user's plan allows. Text messages include pre-loaded messages, free-form sent messages, and received messages. Tracking points refer to the individual "breadcrumbs" that allow others to follow an inReach user's progress online, at user-selected intervals ranging from 10 minutes to four hours.
Plan flexibility: Users may move up and down between plans based on their seasonal activity; moving up is free; moving down involves a $24.95 change fee.
IMPORTANT: Under these subscription plans, remote tracking is for personal, recreational, non-commercial use. Tracking of enterprise assets and/or personnel, or other unauthorized commercial use will result in additional charges. Customizable tracking plans: To discuss your needs for commercial or professional use, call 800-293-2389

Details & Specs

inReach Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.4" H (4.77" including antenna); 2.85" W, 1.73" D
  • Weight: without batteries, 7 oz.; with 2 lithium batteries, 8 oz.
  • Waterproof (IPX7) and buoyant (it floats)
  • Impact-resistant (meets Mil STD 810F)
  • SOS locking mechanism complies with RTCM SC-128 for SENDS; prevents false alarms and supports one handed gloved
  • operation
  • GPS chipset included
    • For remote tracking and embedding location coordinates for all sent messages
    • Accuracy +/- 5 meters
  • Power: 2 AA lithium batteries (included); alkaline or NIMH for emergency use only. No other battery types are supported.
  • Battery life:
    • Testing parameters - sending one track point every 10 minutes
    • Results - one set of lithium batteries lasted 60 hours
    • Your results will vary depending on how long you keep inReach turned on and how often you send and or receive messages
  • Operating System Support: Android smartphones
    • The DeLorme Earthmate application for Android users is available for free through the online Android Marketplace
    • Enables inReach Android functionality
    • Lets users download DeLorme Topo North America maps at no charge
      • Superior terrain, back road, and trail detail, plus places of interest
      • Maps are downloaded to the phone so they're available even when there's no cell phone signal