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MOBILELOCK is a portable, wireless GPS alarm system that allows you to secure your valuables and monitor them wherever you are. Built-in alarm sensors provide you with a flexible and customizable security solution while cellular assisted GPS technology allows you to remotely monitor and track valuable assets anytime whether the asset is indoors or out. The MOBILELOCK system is managed and controlled through a secure web page or phone menu system. An internal rechargeable battery provides approximately 30 days of run-time and optional extended run-time kits and permanent power adapters are available.


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MOBILELOCK uses a combination of an alarm and GPS technology to protect your valuables.

deWalt Motion Detector Motion detector

Externded Runtime Kit Extended run-time kit for 90 day operation

1. Install – MOBILELOCK can be attached via the built-in magnets or mounted with screws. You can use the unit as a deterrent or keep it hidden.

2. Arm – Place a phone call or login to your account online to arm, disarm, or customize your settings. You can opt for a silent alarm, determine who will be contacted if the alarm is triggered, and select the schedule for MOBILELOCK to be armed and disarmed.

3. Monitor – Built-in alarm sensors and portable long-lasting power options enable MOBILELOCK to monitor and protect virtually any asset effectively.

4. Notification – As soon as the alarm is triggered, up to three individuals will be notified immediately by phone, email, or text message.

5. Locate – You can login to your MOBILELOCK account and use the assisted GPS technology to determine the location of your valuables in real time, 24/7.