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License Plate Recognition

Camera Support & Detection

The Intelligence Group’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) software has been rigorously tested on both moving and stationary vehicles to ensure quick and easy detection of license plate characters. Utilizing the Axis P1346 network camera, ipConfigure’s License Plate Recognition software has the capability of accurately capturing license plates at speeds up to 40 mph (65 kph) from distances up to 120 feet.

Color Imaging

The use of Infrared (IR) illumination has been the industry standard for capturing license plate tags. The major draw back with IR illumination is the fact that some plates do not utilize reflective surfaces. By the use of color imaging and standard megapixel IP cameras, ipConfigure’s License Plate Recognition cannot only capture license plates data, but other valuable information like the vehicles make, model, color, and in some cases the image of the driver.

Watch List

The ability to create a Watch List becomes a powerful tool inside The Intelligence Group’s LPR software. Red flag warnings alert operators as tags are detected and compared against user-defined watch list. There is no limit to the number of plates that can be stored in the database for detection. Actionable I/O events and email notifications can be the database for detection. Actionable I/O events and email notifications can be triggered automatically when a suspect plate has been identified.

The Advantage to Color Imaging
lpr-thumb ipconfigureLPR-night
· Color LPR image
· 2 Megapixel resolution
· Wider lane coverage
· Detailed vehicle information
· IR illumination not required