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Garmin Dispatching and Messaging

Garmin Dispatching & Messaging

Garmin Dispatching & Messaging

In conjunction with Garmin, the industry leader in turn-by-turn navigation systems, The Intelligence Group proudly offers the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System. Cost effective and driver friendly, this system was designed to provide companies with cutting edge tools for tracking, routing, dispatching and messaging. Reliable real-time wireless connectivity combined with voice aided guidance make this the perfect tool for drivers, dispatchers and customer service.

Message View / Dispatcher

Message View / Driver
Message View / Driver

Message View

  • Send messages by driver or fleet.
  • Request a read receipt.
  • Ask a yes/no question.
  • Get delivery notifications in real-time.
  • Filter inbox by driver.
  • Outbox filtered by driver,message type and message status.
  • View mail from prior days.
  • Closed message system keeps drivers from messaging or communicating with friends and family.
Route Management

Route Management

  • Create multi-stop routes using existing locations or type in an address on the fly.
  • Routes can be saved, edited and scheduled in advance.
  • Routes can be temporary or permanent depending on business model.
  • Routes can be fed electronically from corporate systems using The Intelligence Group’s data exchange service.
  • Stops are plotted on the map in real-time to help improve job sequencing.

Dispatching Jobs List

  • Each job or stop is tracked in real-time with the status displayed on the map for easy monitoring.
  • Start time, arrival time, completion time and departure time of each stop is posted in real-time.
  • Drivers can be sent multiple routes per day.
  • Stops can be added on the fly to any route.
  • Distance to stop displayed in route


  • Uses low cost Garmin navigation terminals.
  • Color touch screen available in many sizes.
  • Directions based on vehicle type.
  • Voice navigation directs driver to each stop.
  • Device displays driver’s entire route.
  • Driver is notified of new stops and messages.
  • Driver can send and receive messages.
  • Driver log in for calculating driver payroll hours.


Other solutions allow you to dispatch jobs one at a time.  With the Smart Antenna, you can store and send up to 30 days of dispatch instructions.  The Smart Antenna also supports two-way messaging with drivers, who must respond to each request you send.  And it gives you full visibility into jobs that employees have deleted, preventing “miscommunication” about expectations.


The Garmin device will be able to send messages between the office and the vehicle as well as receive  the address and job information from a Dispatcher. Drivers will be able to accept or decline a job and route themselves with turn-by-turn voice guide directions to the next job or service call.  When the job is completed, a simple push of a button sends  a message back to dispatch informing the office the job has been finished and the driver is now  ready for the next job.

Installing a Garmin Navigation unit with 2 Way text messaging allows you to communicate instantly to your drivers without the frustration of not being able to get in touch with them.


Automatic voice guided turn-by-turn directions with notification sent to the dispatcher when destination is reached. In addition, your company will improve your customer service and driver safety by ensuring accurate directions for your drivers and the capability of telling your customer exactly where your driver is and when they will arrive at their location.